Installation documentation on Gentoo

From official portage (not yet available)

Some build scripts have been published for future integration in Portage.
While the scripts have not yet been accepted please refer to the alternative procedure.

# emerge -av netzob

From Gentoo overlay (recommended, automatic)

Alternative non official repositories are available on Gentoo which are called "overlays".
The tool used to synchronize with these repositories is called "layman"

  1. Installing layman
    # emerge app-portage/layman
  2. Adding "lootr" repository containing Netzob ebuild scripts
    # layman -a lootr
  3. Installing Netzob from this repository
    # emerge -av dev-python/netzob

From netzob repository (expert users only, manual installation)

  1. First step is to clone the netzob repository:
    # (~) git clone
  2. Then, declare this repository in the portage configuration file /etc/make.conf by adding this line:
  3. Synchronize portage
    # emerge --sync
  4. Finally emerge Netzob package:
    • tildarched (testing-like) systems:
      # emerge -av netzob
    • stable systems:
      # ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -av netzob

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