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  • Netzob (Developer, 03/14/2012)



11:02 AM Netzob Pull-Request #261: Fix of an error in UPGMA
Can be deleted. My fault for this. Only my version contains this line
10:53 AM Netzob Pull-Request #261 (Rejected): Fix of an error in UPGMA
Due to the new implementation of the messages, the packetID attribute doesn't exist anymore and must be replace by id...


02:44 PM Netzob Revision 47bd1c98 (main): Correction Of TraceManager: Forget to import the Gdk module. This cause...
09:14 AM Netzob Pull-Request #255 (Closed): Defect correction in the tracemanager file
When you clic on a trace in the trace manager window, there is an error saying that Gdk is unknown.
The solution is ...


03:09 PM Netzob Pull-Request #239 (Closed): C modularisation + fast regex pattern matching
Implementation of a new architecture between c files.
Implementation of a new library libRegex for fast matching w...


10:46 AM Netzob Defect #225 (Resolved): Import window improvement
Don't close the import window when cancel at the "are you sure you want to import ..."


06:10 PM Netzob Pull-Request #215 (New): Searchview improvement
commit a126c946439e89a4f931c13d2d37081199977d35
Author: Franck Roland <>
Date: Tue Jun 5...
06:09 PM Netzob Feature #214 (New): Better view of search object when doing the environment dependencies
The current version of Netzob split all the searches done when doing the environment dependencies.
I propose to aggl...


10:21 AM Netzob Wiki edit: Pattern_Matching_tests (#9)
10:15 AM Netzob Wiki edit: Pattern_Matching_tests (#8)

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