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  • Netzob (Developer, 05/23/2012)



05:00 PM Netzob Defect #304 (New): Legend need for diagram
Symbol properties
The design needs a legend. (idea: button that displays / hides the legend)
The design is horizont...
04:56 PM Netzob Feature #303 (New): Improve focus visibility of Spreadsheet and Field Selection
To make the focus on the spreadsheet and the header more visible
-surrounded by a rim-dark
-text box with the selec...
04:54 PM Netzob Defect #302 (Resolved): Header reaction
On a spreadsheet A that does not have the focus,
when click on the header of a field the focus is not changed for sp...
04:53 PM Netzob Defect #301 (Resolved): Header size
The name becomes huge after several cut / concatenate and is not evocative.
He eventually broaden the fields
04:50 PM Netzob Defect #300 (Resolved): Cut problem
On the spreadsheet, the field of header does not always react when clicked several times above, there is some latency...
04:48 PM Netzob Defect #299 (Resolved): Concatenation problem
The concatenation of three or more field is impossible.
The concatenation is impossible for the message fields in th...
04:44 PM Netzob Defect #298 (Closed): Capture
When you run the packet capture, We have a pop-up window to choose a file Pcap.
There is no description. Seems to be...
04:02 PM Netzob Revision a6487bf4 (main): Unknow modification
04:02 PM Netzob Revision bca19d89 (main): Connect controlleur for relation view button
01:30 PM Netzob Wiki edit: Sample_of_Press_Release (#6)

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