Fabien ANDRÉ



  • Netzob (Developer, 06/05/2012)



06:18 PM Netzob Revision 12737d49 (main): Introduce a treeview header for messages tables
The new treeview header widget, used in treeview
displaying messages of a given symbol, allows
to display the followi...


10:33 AM Netzob Revision 415168e6 (main): Fixes for regressions in main and vocabulary view
- Added missing connections between actions and callbacks
- Fix mainMenuToolbar.ui. It ...
10:02 AM Netzob Revision b5698abd (main): Added empty callbacks and connected them in glade
Empty callbacks were added for menu and toolbar items
of the main view and the vocabulary inference perspective.


04:20 PM Netzob Revision 05f5112e (main): Add a message table widget to display messages
Added a messages table widget which can display the messages of
a given symbol (see MessageTableView and MessageTable...
11:00 AM Netzob Revision eaf3d918 (main): Adapt build script to new command line parser
To generate its manpage, Netzob build command relies on
its command line parser. It makes the command line p...


02:28 PM Netzob Revision 4442e49d (main): Adapt NetzobMainController to netzob core changes
This commit adapts NetzobMainController to changes in
command line arguments parsing (CommandLine class) and


07:01 PM Netzob Revision bedd479d (main): Integrates changes made in the akoibon/new-ui (mainly, intrumentation o...
These changes were ported to the new architecture introduced by the
previous commit (Introduce a perspective system i...
06:52 PM Netzob Revision ea0269d2 (main): Introduce a perspective system in main window
This commit add a support for perspectives in Netzob
main window.
Perspectives are composed of :
- A central panel
- ...


03:04 PM Netzob Revision 28f62328 (main): Port Plugin architecture to abc
The python abc module (Abstract Base Classes), allows
python developers to create declare some methods
or attributes ...
03:04 PM Netzob Revision 7ae566d5 (main): Automatic plugin detection for file import
This commit enables netzob to automatically select the appropriate
plugin when importing messages from files. The use...

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