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  • Netzob (Developer, 07/16/2012)



04:21 PM Netzob Defect #453 (New): Error with long messages
Getting the following error message while importing a set of very long messages :
"Traceback (most recent call las...
03:43 PM Netzob Defect #452 (New): "Find similar messages" clickable with no symbol selected
Small bug : the "find similar messages" action is clickable when no symbols are selected.
Of course it fails.
I gue...


04:14 PM Netzob Wiki edit: Tutorial_variables (#27)
03:27 PM Netzob Defect #442 (New): Catch exception when users put bad values for variable parameters
Parameters as "Delimiter", "size" and "original value" are set by final users.
As such, their value should be contro...
03:02 PM Netzob Defect #441 (New): The pointed ID browsing window has not the focus
Among the variable UI, the pointed ID browsing window, which is opened when a user select the "Browse" action next to...


11:16 AM Netzob Feature #437 (New): High-level communication channels: HTTP
Now Netzob have two kind of communication channels : one on TCP, the other on UDP.
It would be nice to have higher-l...


04:32 PM Netzob Feature #433 (New): Undo/redo actions
There is no way to undo an action in Netzob yet.
Some users ask for it. Many other pieces of software implement it.


09:23 AM Netzob Feature #419 (Resolved): Modelization of the DNS protocol with Netzob variables
09:23 AM Netzob Defect #417 (Resolved): ComputedRelationVariables can not point to AbstractNodeVariables
09:22 AM Netzob Defect #415 (Resolved): Variable interface

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